About Us


Everything means something to somebody. The meanings behind them, no matter how little,

are the reasons which justify the existence of an object and give it the value to last over the

year. These are ‘things’ which present in our daily life, but people may get used to, disregard

or forget them. We at Chi and Chi with the objective to dig those ‘things’ out, polish them up 

and express them into something that work well, look nice, and make someone’s day better

and happier. 


Found in 2013, chiandchi is a design studio based in Taiwan; a place where we live, work and create.

"chiandchi.com" is a platform for our design and idea-sharing. We pay attention to the relationships

between people and objects. Our inspirations come from small things in our everyday life. We create

objects with content and purpose, with simple functions in their essential forms, with appropriate

material and shape which peacefully fit in wherever it is placed.